The Artist: Fidella Novania

Fidella Novania is a Canadian-based Make Up Artist and Hairstylist now residing in Jakarta. Once a fashion marketing student, she found passion while helping several designers backstage during her Fashion Show era. She put her interests in make-up and realize that by simply using the right beauty products, she can help someone look and feel beautiful inside and out.

“I see the potential beneath every person to look and feel beautiful. Everyone can be beautiful and it’s my job to help them be who they are however way they want it.”

Graduated with scholarships from Blanche McDonalds in Vancouver, BC, Canada she gained working experience and finally earned her WHIMS certification which allows her to work and participated in local movie productions and fashion shows in Vancouver. Recently moving back to hometown Jakarta, she continues to learn and delivers the best of her skills.


For a short period she worked at O-Channel as a freelance beauty consultant and finally opened her own Salon & Spa in Jakarta Barat. She now keeps on giving private trainings and workshops to clients at her studio.


Class & Workshop

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For more information, contact us at 021.5366.5293 / 94 or send us a message.

Make Up Class


Duration: 1 class of 2 – 2.5 hours

Private: Rp. 500,000

Group of 2: Rp 350,000/pax

Group of 3 or 4: Rp 250,000/pax


Register now (January 21st – February 10th) and get a SPA Voucher.

Make Up Class 101 (6 days Program)

Class 1:

Pengenalan Produk dan cara penggunaan

Tipe brush and sponges untuk aplikasi makeup

Perbedaan waterproof make-up, water base make-up, silicone base make-up

Pengenalan beberapa brand make-up

Cara aplikasi produk secara general

Class 3:

Contour and shading

Tipe bentuk wajah dan bagaimana cara pengaplikasian contouring dan shading dengan tepat

Eye contour and shading

Korean makeup no makeup look

Class 5:

Pengaplikasian makeup dengan scotch-tape

Aplikasi bulu mata palsu dan maskara

Class 2:

Custom blending technique

Cara penggunaan beauty blender, sponges, and brush makeup untuk hasil natural

Cara penggunaan eyelash curler

Eye brow Shaping & Blending

Class 4:

Mencari reference dan cara pengaplikasian

Tipe dari smokey eyes

Aplikasi smokey eyes

Padu & padan makeup mata dan wajah

Class 6:

Hair class (optional)

  • Simple updo
  • Curling
  • Straightener
  • Simple braids

or look of your choice (inspirational look)