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Phytogen Facial by Jannsens

The most efficient facial theraphy from the sea. Containing algae and plant extracts, the cooling sensation tightens the skin, reducing the pores, and increases skin elastisity. Promoting healthy blood circulation, skin feels fresh, hydrated and bright instantly!

  • Cleansing & Refreshing Toner
  • Facial Scrub, steam and comedo extraction
  • Comedo Suction by Vaccuming Oil Control Technology
  • High Frequency Infrared to close and minimize the pores
  • Face Massage
  • Deep Penetration Serum Roller
  • Phytogen Hydrating peel off face mask
  • Sunscreen & Moisturizing Day Cream

    Pair it up with Diamond Microdermabrasion treatment for a maximal result.

    All facials are 90 mins


Diamond Microdermabration

A diamond tip crystalline powder to exfoliate the dead skin cells and soften, restoring back skin elasticity to the face and jawline. Microdermabrasion also stimulates the growth of collagen while shrinking pores and removing black spots and smoothen out acne scars on the face. Helps to reduce facial oil whist reducing the looks of wrinkles and facial lines. Skin will feel smoother, brighter and younger. Your make-up and skincare daily regiment will not be the same afterwards! Best to optimize your skin-care absorption, safe to all skin types and mature skin. 


To improve the skin condition in the long term, additional application of products at home is recommended between the institutional treatments.

All facials are 90 mins


BB Glow Treatment

A Korean technology of microneedling technique that administer serum and pigments into the skin. BBGlow Skin treatment gives the impression of a slight bb-cream/powder effect by evening up the skin tones and reducing the look of black eyes. BBGlow Skin treatment helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes/acne scarring/ dark spots, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, brighten the complexion by elevating a more even look of skin tone, reduces growing acnes, removes dead skin cells, and clean & minimizes the look of pores. Skin looks fresh and healthy and glowy.

*Please note that this is not a whitening treatment, it helps to greatly even out the skin tone to your own skin level. Please avoid water to the area of treatment for a minimum of 3 hours, and 8 hours of make-up after treatment. Avoid using any skin-care for the night of the treatment. The feeling of slight dryness, if any, is normal in the first 3 days. effect will be semi-permanent, a routine treatment of every 2-3 weeks for 4-5 treatments will help better and maintain the result you are looking for.

All facials are 90 mins


Additional serum for Acne/Wrinkle per treatment 150K

Gold Facial by Alora

An anti-aging specialist. Gold facial works wonders in rejuvenation of skin and enhancement of skin elasticity, its anti-aging properties helps in reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and tightens the skin. Gold Facial also increases oxygenation and fixes oxidation damages and sun damages. Helps to control pigmentation and assist in complexion lightening by increasing the blood circulation and the process of cell renewal. Peel off mask. Suited for Oily or Dry skin.

All facials are 90 mins


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Detox Facial

Give your skin a break from the aggression of the sun, dirt and polution. Encourgages the skin to purge, detoxify and cleanse while purifying and rebuilding skin texture. A must have to remove the environmental toxins and free radicals that your skin have absorbed! Best suited to those oily, break out prone, or congested skin; produces irritation and leaving skin refreshed and cleared.

All facials are 90 mins


Detox Algae Hydrating Facial

Treatment that can release toxins within the layers of skin, brightening and protecting the skin from free radicals of toxins
The blend of vitamins and minerals will treat the skin and neutralize harmful substances that induce aging from the inside out, vital for maintaining a youthful skin.

All facials are 90 mins


Firming Algae Facial

Treatment to help firms the skin while conducting an anti-aging effect, skin feels fresh, firmer and soft and bright.

All facials are 90 mins


Vita Balance Facial

Perfect for all types, especially for dry skin to promote new skin regeneration while stimulating the metabolism keeping it soft and elastic. Perfect for all ages with a seeming anti-aging effect for tired and dull skin that needs refreshment.

All facials are 90 mins


Dr. Babor Collagen Booster Treatment

Plumping and densify the skin with a collagen booster therapy using ultra-potent hyaluronic acid and collagen to boost the skin from inside out and smoothen lines and wrinkles. The effect of this treatment is amplified with a thermo sculpting mask to seriously lift and reshape the facial contour.

All facials are 90 mins


Regenerative Post Treatment

To accelerate the skin's regeneration and the formation of new cells. A perfect anti-aging treatment that erases the looks of wrinkles overtime and keeping your skin elastic, hydrated and younger looking

Perfect for skin that has been exposed to 'harsh' therapies, decreasing healing time and a great alternative to repair sun trauma

Additional steam, blackhead and comedone removal 75K

Traditional Massage

Alora's signature massage combining Javanese and Swedish techniques from head to toe

Two types: Aromatheraphy oil or dry massage

60 min 160K
90 min 195K

Full Body Massage & Scrub

Head to toe massage with organic scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells and maintain a brighter, smoother skin.


Body Scrub

Treat your body to an organic full scrub. Damage skin cells will be removed giving you a smoother feel, brighter complexion and a regulated feeling.


Couple's Massage

Treatment for couple, Alora's signature Traditional massage for two with a bonus of face accupressure.


Light Massage & Reflexiology

Using reflexiology technique for hand, foot, back, shoulder and head. Perfect for a refreshing break and quick pampering.


Hot Stone Massage

Relieve stress and unwellness of flu syndromes with a full body massage with precise placement of water heated stones at key points of your body and recover with the feeling of full rejuvenation.


Massage Addition

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Time / 30min 60K
Bath 50K
Sauna 75K
Kerokan 35K
Ear Candle 50K
Children >12 190K

Alora's Signature Body Spa

Alora's pride spa service for a full body experience. A 90min relaxing full body massage, a full body scrub for maximum exfoliation and a brightening body mask, ended with a bath of your choice. Perfect for an ALL-In-ONE.

Oil: Jasmine, Lavender, Lemongrass

1. Traditional: Honey, Avocado, Green Tea
2. Azarine: Jasmine, Javanese, Grape, Mandar

Bath: Milk & Bubble, Herbal

Ginger tea or hot tea

Personalized bath salt & body lotion


Face Acupressure

A facial massage to tighten and tone sagging skin, facial acupressure uses deep tissue massage to stimulate muscle fibers and nerves – boosting collagen production underneath the surface of the skin to keep skin firm and supple. Regular treatment can visibly lift and revitalize tired and wrinkled skin as well as improving metabolism and the blood circulation in the skin. Perfect solution to refresh and relieve headaches.


+ peel off mask 25K

Ratus (V-Spa)

The Javanese recipe for a special V-treatment using natural herbs to clean and refresh your intimate womanhood area. The process will reduce unpleasant vaginal discharge, balancing Ph level, reduce moisture as well as acting as a natural antiseptic by stimulating the increase of blood circulation and removing unpleasant odor. Perfect for married women, before & after menstruation and pregnancy and to keep your daily hygiene in your V-region.

+ scrub 25K
+ feet massage 50K

Radio Frequency Treatment

Radiofrequency (RF) is a non-surgical means of “reshaping” the body and the face from beneath the superficial layer of the skin. This method uses sophisticated devices specifically designed to treat the most common skin aging problems like wrinkles, excess fatty tissues, or cellulite. The method utilizes radiofrequency waves which is basically heat energy meant for tissue remodeling and production of elastin and new collagen. 

RF energy alone is primarily used to treat skin laxity by facial tightening, and is best suited to those with mild to moderate sagging of facial tissues, from mid-twenties to fifties, with any skin color.

Benefits of Radiofrequency Treatment
Diminishes or Removes Cellulites
Reduction of Body Fats
Tightening of the Skin
Contour Reshaping

Face 450K
Eyes 150K
Face & Eyes 550K
Upper Leg 250K
Half Leg 250K
Arm 250K
Stomach / Slimming 250K
Full Body Package 800K

Body Bleaching

Skin whitening to reduce blemishes, age spots, freckles and pigmentation on the skin for a more even skin tone.

Hands 60K
Feet 155K
Full Body 190K


The application of pressure to the feet and hands, neck, shoulder and back with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques.

60 min 85K
90 min 115K

Foot Spa

Foot massage 30 min, scrub and masker. Perfect to accompany your hair spa treatment. 

30 min 85K